Thursday, October 11, 2012

Table Manners

Darkness brings you to light
Fear leads you to fight
Reason gives you the sight
The universe gives you the might

You settle for a dwindling smile
You lie down and let it all subside
You wonder if you were meant for more
The sorrow was for you in store

Your eyes grew weaker 
Your hands started shaking
Your bones have bent their ways
Your friends, you could never mend their ways

This life is but a wicked dream
Stifling one moment, yet liberating it seems
The colours are all in your palette 
You chose their path, with etiquette

Monday, September 01, 2008

Where's the music?

Sea shows up at my door
I open the gates as the
Water flows in with a rush
I can hear the words hush
As I float and dream
In photographs
Of moments frozen and yet alive
I strive and catch on to a bark
Only momentarily though
The water is freezing
Yet I’m alive. Happy.

Cherry Trees.
Green Tea.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


What would you like to have today?
Our specialty is The Judge’s Verdict.
Only Fifty Pounds Sire
And you’ll have it served fresh and full of fire.
Do not ire.

We can send your enemy on an island
And let him rot in the Sun dire
We can put him to rest, I suggest
And win you my friend a hundred lire.
If you so desire.

The Money spent is heaven sent
Only meant to overrun the dissent
And all the words the Judges spake
Were, you will find, towards your end.
May you please continue to offend.

For crimes committed give rise
To our status and infamous attire
For we are armed with women and wine
To help you buy your shire.
Shall we bring it on, Sire?

Thursday, July 31, 2008

I feel.

Behind me is people’s self-centredness
They said a lot of things
Made a lot of vows
Declarations, promises and pleadings.

The façade is so opaque
The charade is such a brocade
I find on every silk
Just another rag-doll in disguise

They are good at playing music
Jazz, no, it’s just plain trumpets blowing.
But why does it pinch me, their notes?
Why do I feel these weak waves pulling
And sweeping me towards the water
For they know I know not how to swim

But they know not I can never die
For I carry across through the wind
The music of the cosmos
Far ahead, millions of kalpas in to the future
When all is gone, my wave will be caught
On someone’s radio.

I hope I can rise above the small
Cities become dots
Dots become melted rays of the sun
All evaporate
And all is emancipation

Finally I feel the revelation
The elemental reverberation
Atemporal linear patterns on the silk
Shyne on from kuan ganjo
Into time without end.

Monday, July 21, 2008


In this world, nothing is coincidence
Every person you meet has already met you before
In the garden, collecting leaves
On the bed, reading fairytales
A thirteen year old little girl
Wearing the same jeans all her life
The country guitar playing in her head
The dog wagging his tail
Dying for you to listen to his tale

Lend an ear
Give a second
The world is a funny place to be
You’re looking now
And yet you don’t see
People around you
They have been there with you
For eons and eons.

Monday, May 26, 2008

for Miss Tree

Mystery shrouds the little teddy
So close and yet invisible
I see better wen my eyes are closed
My comments mean nothing any more
So they're best untold
Sorry, for I cannot unfold. . . .

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Last Waltz

Humiliated, tried and tested
I am pounded by flaming winds
Of criticism, blame and hatred
All this is well fed.
I don’t share my thoughts anymore
I choose not to prove you wrong
You are right.
Am who am I really?

Don’t judge me by your sorrow
I have my own bag of woeful tales
I don’t share my thoughts
For I feel the burden of my destiny
That I have undertaken to change
I brave the storm,
The raging waves hit me hard
I stand still.
Remembering the vow I made
To the one to whom I am
Forever indebted

Whether you’re there, depends on
Whether you’re there, or not.
I may not be perfect,
In fact, I’m sure of that.
But I am who I am.